Order of Burial of a Priest

Fr Roman Galadza (Editor)


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by Fr Roman Galadza (Editor)

Part one (PDF)

Order of Burial of a Priest was printed in response to the need for a text in English as well as Ukrainian. It is also presented in a format which contains cantoral markings enabling singers from various parishes and choirs to sing together intelligently, although without formal practise.

The Ukrainian text is that of Patriarch Josyf Slipyj. The English text is from sources available at hand. May this effort help us honour the memory our spiritual fathers and brothers. May their memory be eternal!

Includes music notations

June 2020 Update: In late 2019, we were caught by surprise after several orders depleted our complete inventory of Order of Burial of a Priest. Subsequently, we are pleased to announce that a second printing of this title ships in 2021.

Language: English, Ukrainian
Softcover Spiral: iv, 112 pages, illustrations, appendix
Publisher: St. Elias Parish, Brampton (2012)

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English, Ukrainian


Softcover Spiral

Page Count

iv, 112 pages, illustrations, appendix