Studies in Eastern Christianity, Volume 5

Petro B. T. Bilaniuk (Author)


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by Petro B. T. Bilaniuk (Author)

Series Monographs No. 25

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chronos and Kairos. Secular and Sacred Time in Relation to the History of Salvation and Eternity
Chapter 2 The Roots of Christian Hesychasm in Indian Religions
Chapter 3 Theology of Processions in the Byzantine Churches as Means of Sanctification of Time and Space
Chapter 4 The Ultimate Eschatological Fulfillment of the Natural Reality
Chapter 5 The Notion of Religion of the Pre-Christian and Christian Eastern Slavs, VI to XII Centuries
Chapter 6 Scythian Monks and the Christian West
Chapter 7 The Laurentian Chronicle as a Witness to Some Distinctive Characteristics of the Religious Culture in Old Rus’
Chapter 8 New Catholic Encyclopedia
Chapter 9 Encyclopedic Dictionary of Religion
Chapter 10 Encyclopedia of Biblical and Christian Ethics
Chapter 11 The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History
Chapter 12 The Canadian Encyclopedia, 2nd ed.
Chapter 13 The Coptic Encyclopedia
Chapter 14 The New Dictionary of Catholic Spirituality
Chapter 15 A Report for the Holy Father Pope John Paul II The Church in Ukraine and the USSR 1989
Index of Biblical References
Index of Names

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Language: English
Softcover: viii, 193 pages, illus.
Publisher: The Ukrainian Free University (1998)
ISBN: 0920322253

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