Prof. Jaroslav Skira

Prof. Jaroslav Skira holds a Ph.D. from Saint Michael’s College in Toronto. He specializes in contemporary Orthodox systematics (particularly Trinitarian theology) and Eastern Christian ecclesiology. He has been a sessional lecturer in our summer program in Univ, Ukraine: THO 2130 Sources of Holy Tradition (Summer 1996) and THO 2182 Eastern Christian Doctrine: Triadology, Christology and Pneumatology (Summer 1997). He also taught THO 2198 Ecclesiology in East and West in our summer intensive program in Orangeville, Ontario (Summer 2000).

Alexander Laschuk

Alexander Laschuk

Father Alexander M. Laschuk, (Олександер М. Лящук) JCD, PhD, is Executive Director of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute in addition to being Judicial Vicar of the Toronto Regional Tribunal. He completed his doctorate of canon law at Saint Paul University. Fr Alexander has experience in matrimonial, penal, and contentious trials across North America. He also is Judicial Vicar for the Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada and parochial vicar at St Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church (Toronto). His research interests are ecclesiology, procedural law, penal law, and sacramental law.

He has taught the following courses at the University of St Michael’s College:

  • Canonical Tradition of the Christian East
  • Introduction to the Eastern Churches

He lives in Toronto with his wife Olena and his two children.