Століття Українського Поселення в Канаді (1891-1991)

Михайло Боровик (Автор)


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(Centennial of the Ukrainian Settlement in Canada (1891-1991) by Michael Borowyk)

Михайло Боровик (Автор)

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Covering a century of Ukrainian immigration to Canada, this title explores the beginnings of organized cultural and religious life for Ukrainian immigrants to Canada such as the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic church, participation in World War Two, the creation of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, PM John Diefenbaker and Ukrainian Canadians, Ukrainian cultural contributions to Canadian music, film, radio, theatre and press.

The book surveys contributions by Ukrainians to Canadian higher education and cultural life: universities, libraries, and museums. The creation of the first financial co-operatives and institutions e.g. Ukrainian Credit Union(s)), and contributions to Canadian politics and political life are covered in detail.

Language: Ukrainian
Softcover: xiv, 485 pages

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