LOGOS: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies Vol. 41-42 (2000-2001)

Various Authors


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Table of Contents (PDF)

Andriy Chirovsky (1)

Papers and Discussions of the International Symposium on English Translations of Byzantine Liturgical Texts – PART 2 (June 17–20, 1998, St. Basil’s College, Stamford, CT)

Clarity, Truth and Beauty in Liturgical Translations (PDF sample)
Bishop Kallistos Ware (5)

Englishing the Byzantine (PDF sample)
Anthony Ugolnik (29)

Liturgical Translations of the Orthodox Church in America (PDF sample)
Paul Meyendorff (59)

Liturgical Translations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America: Personal Reflections (PDF sample)
John Chryssavgis (83)

Survey of Translations: Antiochian Orthodox Church (PDF sample)
Daniel Griffith (117)

The Impact of Translated Text on Musical Form in Byzantine Liturgical Practice (PDF sample)
Mark Bailey (129)

The Problem of “Uniatism” and the “Healing of Memories”: Anamnesis, not Amnesia (PDF sample)
Robert F. Taft (155)

Towards an Analysis of the Neo-Patristic Synthesis of Georges Florovsky (PDF sample)
Borys A. Gudziak (197)

A Comparison of Death Imagery in Gregory of Nyssa’s Vita Macrinae and the Byzantine Funeral Hymnography (PDF sample)
Robert Hutcheon (239)

Gifts from the Orient: Eastern Textual Influence in the Development of Anglican Liturgy (PDF open access article)
John Gibaut (269)

The Doctrine of Tears in the Discourses of Symeon the New Theologian (PDF sample)
Wendy Bryant (315)

Fit or Unfit for Priesthood? Priestly Ministry According to the Writings of Gregory of Nazianzus (PDF sample)
Suzette Phillips (333)

The Biblical Thought of Hryhorii Skovoroda in “The Israelite Snake” (PDF sample)
Stephen P. Scherer (363)

Notes, Essays, Lectures
Remembrance and Hope: Convocation Address at the University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto, Ontario
Robert F. Taft (383)

How Did the Union of Florence Influence the Union of Brest? (PDF sample)
Alexander Baran (391)

Learning What Ukraine Has to Teach Us
Adam A.J. DeVille (399)

Book Reviews
Robert Ousterhout. Master Builders of Byzantium
Volodymyr I. Mezentsev

Ken Parry, David J. Melling, Dimitri Brady, Sidney H. Griffith and John F. Healy, editors. The Blackwell Dictionary of Eastern Christianity
Myroslaw I. Tataryn

From ‘Chantre’ to ‘Djak:’ Cantorial Traditions in Canada, compiled and edited by Robert B. Klymasz
Peter Galadza (421)

Contributors (425)

Language: English, French, Ukrainian
Softcover: vi, 452 pages
Publisher: The Metropolitan Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies
ISSN: 0024-5895

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