LOGOS: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies Vol. 58, Nos. 1-4 (2017)

Various Authors


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Table of Contents (PDF)

Different Orthodox Perspectives on the Ecclesiological Ramifications of the Filioque: Trinitarian Ecclesiology and Eucharistic Ecclesiology (PDF sample)
Viorel Coman

Literary Accounts of Church Singing and Worship at the Valaam Monastery in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (PDF sample)
Jopi Harri

Towards a Renewed Mystagogy of Orthodox Christian Worship (PDF sample)
Geoffrey Ready

Eastern Christian Writings and Early Encounters with Islam at the annual meeting of Eastern International Region of the American Academy of Religion in Waterloo, Ontario, April 28–29, 2017

An Aesthetic of Reception and the Middle English Metrical Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius (PDF sample)
Zachary Candy

Syriac Apocalyptic Writing and the Questioning of Theodicy (open access)
Meghan Bowen

On This Rock I Will Build My Church: An Examination of the Foundations of Faith in Dialogue (PDF sample)
Louise St. Germain

“Eastern Christian Writings and Early Encounters with Islam” Response to Panelists
Brian A. Butcher

Notes, Essays, Lectures
The Gospel Through Beauty: Icons and Liturgical Art as a Key to Secular Europe (PDF sample)
Aidan Hart

Lev Shestov’s Philosophy of Voluntarism in a Contemporary Context of Athens vs. Jerusalem (PDF sample)
Robert F. Slesinski

Patristic Reflections on Orthodox Territoriality (PDF sample)
Andrew Louth

Preaching Apokatastasis: St. Isaac the Syrian and the Grammar of the Kingdom (PDF sample)
Alvin F. Kimel, Jr.

Church, State and Holy War: Assessing the Role of Religious Organizations in the War in Ukraine (PDF Open Access Article)
Emily Bayrachny

How to Acquire an Orthodox Phronêma in the West: From Ecclesiastical Enculturation to Theological Competence (PDF sample)
Augustine Casiday

Eschatology and Funerary Practices Today: Byzance après Byzance? (PDF Open Access Article)
Adam A.J. DeVille

An Apologia for the Revival of the Russian Greco-Catholic Exarchate: Holy Yurodstvo in a New Time of Troubles (PDF sample)
Peter Galadza

Education and Formation of Seminarians in the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church in Ukraine: Recovering Tradition and Making Great Progress (Reform Needed to Face the Rapid Changes of Today and the Radical Difference of the Future) (PDF sample)
Borys Gudziak

Літургійні тексти і переклади Основна доповідь другого робочого засідання Синоду єпископів УГКЦ, 5-го вересня 2017 (Open Access Article)
Петро Ґаладза

Book Reviews
Hans Boersma, Scripture as Real Presence: Sacramental Exegesis in the Early Church
(John Gibson)

Sally K. Gallagher, Getting to Church: Exploring Narratives of Gender and Joining
(Michael Plekon)

Pauline Allen and Bronwen Neil, eds. The Oxford Handbook of Maximus the Confessor
(Matthew C. Briel)

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