LOGOS: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies Vol. 60, Nos. 1-4 (2019)

Various Authors


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Table of Contents (PDF)

The Sheptytsky Institute at Thirty-Three and Eastern Catholic Theology in the West (PDF sample)
Peter Galadza (1)

Neither Radical nor Liberal: The Ecclesial Humanism of Sergei Bulgakov (PDF sample)
James Wood

N.A. Berdyaev: A Revolutionary Spirit in a Transgressing, Dostoevskian, “Anti-Revolutionary” Mode (PDF sample)
Robert F. Slesinski

Contemporary Mindfulness and the Psychospiritual Model of Stillness in the Philokalia (PDF sample)
Theresa Zolner (63)

Notes, Essays, Lectures
Painting and Politics in the Vatican Museum Jan Matejko’s “Sobieski at Vienna (1683)” (PDF sample)
Thomas M. Prymak (101)

The Virgin of Guadalupe in Byzantine Vesture: A Theological Analysis of the Hymnography of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (PDF sample)
Andrew J. Summerson (131)

Coptic Christians in Mamluk Egypt during the Ba?ri Period (1250–1382) (PDF sample)
J. Luis Dizon (149)

Fides quaerens … quid? Toward an Orthodox Approach to the History of Christian Doctrine (PDF sample)
James R. Payton, Jr. (173)

Where is Everyone? Apokatastasis, Divine Charity, and Human Freedom (PDF sample)
Richard Bernier (197)

Byzantine Christianity and Contemporary Art: What William Kurelek Can Teach the Church He Left Behind (PDF sample)
Peter Galadza (215)

“Ancestral Traditions”: Particularities, Problems, and Challenges of Their Revival in Greco-Catholic “Diasporas” (open access)
Peter Galadza (223)

Review Essays
John Behr and Interpretations of the Fourth Gospel, Ancient and Modern: A Review Essay (PDF sample)
Brian A. Butcher

Eastern Christian Traumas: A Review Essay (PDF sample)
Adam A.J. DeVille

Book Reviews
Brian E. Daley, God Visible: Patristic Christology Reconsidered
(Andrew J. Summerson) (255)

Carrie Frederick Frost, Maternal Body: A Theology of Incarnation from the Christian East
(Nicole M. Roccas) (259)

David Bentley Hart, That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell & Universal Salvation
(Robert F. Slesinski) (263)

Mark Beaumont, ed., Arab Christians and the Qur’an from the Origins of Islam to the Medieval Period
(J. Luis Dizon) (268)

Jeffrey C. Anderson and Stefano Parenti, ed. and trans., A Byzantine Monastic Office, 1105 A.D.: Houghton Library, MS gr. 3
(Cyril Kennedy) (272)

Daniel Galadza, Liturgy and Byzantinization in Jerusalem, Oxford Early Christian Studies
(Mark Morozowich) (276)

Contributors (279)
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