Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky: His Life and Accomplishments

Rev. Dr. Vasyl Laba (Author), Oksana B. Koropeckyj (Translator)


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by Rev. Dr. Vasyl Laba (Author), Oksana B. Koropeckyj (Translator)

Chapter 1 The Noble Boyar Lineage of the Sheptytskys
Chapter 2 The Young Student Years of the Future Metropolitan
Chapter 3 Count Roman Alexander Sheptytsky’s Important Decision
Chapter 4 Roman Sheptytsky as a Basilian Monk
Chapter 5 Andrei Sheptytsky  as a Bishop of Stanislaviw
Chapter 6  Bishop Andrei Sheptytsky as Metropolitan of Galicia
Chapter 7 Metropolian Andrei Prince of the Ukrainian Church
Chapter 8  Metropolitan Andrei the Ukrainian Moses
Chapter 9 He Who Prays for His Brothers
Chapter 10 Epilogue

Written by an associate of Sheptytsky and first published in Ukrainian twenty years early, this is the first English appearance. Translated by Oksana B. Koropeckyj. I

Popular Publications of the Department of the Department of Theology of St. Clement’s Ukrainian Catholic University in Rome, No. 3. Editiones Populares Facultatis Theologicae in Catholica Universitate Ukraininorum S. Clementis Papae.

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Metropolitan-Andrei-Sheptytsky-with-Cardinal-Mercie-at-one-of-the-ecumenical-conferences-in-Belgium  Andrei Sheptytsky before the First World War 1914

Language: English
Softcover: 77 pages, photographs
Publisher: Department of Theology of St. Clement’s Ukrainian Catholic University in Rome (1984)

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77 pages, photographs