Rev. Prof. Stephen Wojcichowsky

Rev. Prof. Stephen Wojcichowsky was the Director of the Sheptytsky Institute from 2007 to 2013. He taught various courses during his time at MASI including: THO 3314 Selected Topics in Moral Theology from Eastern & Western Perspectives (Winter 2011) and THO 3324 Introduction to Eastern Christian Ethics at Study Days in Edmonton (Summer 2010).

Prof. Taras Tymo

Prof. Taras Tymo is a graduate of Ukrainian Catholic University and University of Notre Dame and has received an SThL. He taught THO 3325 Theology and Spirituality of Icons: Eastern Christian Theology of Icons – An Introduction at our summer program in Univ, Ukraine (Summer 2013).

Rev. Prof. Gregory Zubacz

Rev. Prof. Gregory Zubacz has a doctorate in Canon Law from Saint Paul University. He is also a civil lawyer. He taught THO 2309 Selected Topics in the Eastern Christian Canonical TraditionMonastic and Religious Canons of the Eastern Code of Canon Law at the summer program in Orangeville (Summer 2003) and THO 2309 Selected Topics in the Eastern Christian Canonical Tradition: Marriage (Fall 2004).

Prof. Halyna Teslyuk

Prof. Halyna Teslyuk is studying biblical studies at the Graduate Theological Union in California. She taught THO 2144 Selected Topics in Eastern Christian Spirituality 1: Theological and Liturgical Aspects of Biblical Prayer [Selected Topics in Eastern Christian Spirituality I: Prayer in the Bible] in the summer program in Ukraine (Summer 2008).

Rev. Dr. Roman Rytsar

Rev. Dr. Roman Rytsar is a priest of the Ukrainian Catholic Church and received his PhD from Saint Paul University (Eastern Christian Studies) in 2012. He taught THO 2137 Selected Topics in Eastern Christian Thought I: Metropolitan Anthony Bloom and Kenotic Theology (Summer 2012) and THO 6381 Contemporary Eastern Theology: 20th Century Orthodox Theology – The “Atheistic Christ” of Anthony Bloom (Metropolitan of Sourozh) and Kenotic Theology (Winter 2012).

Prof. Jaroslav Skira

Prof. Jaroslav Skira holds a Ph.D. from Saint Michael’s College in Toronto. He specializes in contemporary Orthodox systematics (particularly Trinitarian theology) and Eastern Christian ecclesiology. He has been a sessional lecturer in our summer program in Univ, Ukraine: THO 2130 Sources of Holy Tradition (Summer 1996) and THO 2182 Eastern Christian Doctrine: Triadology, Christology and Pneumatology (Summer 1997). He also taught THO 2198 Ecclesiology in East and West in our summer intensive program in Orangeville, Ontario (Summer 2000).