Study Days 2011 – True/False? Right/Wrong? The Challenge of Relativism Today

Study Days 2011 group picture

Organized by the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies
Ottawa, Canada
15 – 18 July 2011

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Plenary Speakers
Relativism and Culture: Connections and Difference
Dr. Valerie Karras

Sentimentality Leads to the Gas Chamber: Emotivistic Relativism and the Slaughter of Innocents
Dr. Adam DeVille

Relativism, Tolerance, and Heresy: Negotiating the Waters
Dr. Peter Bouteneff

“Public Work,” Private Meaning? (Re)Interpreting the Divine Liturgy in a Post-Modern Age
Dr. Brian Butcher

Concepts Plundered by Passions: Early Christian Teaching on the Struggle with Tempting Thoughts – Presentation PDF
Fr. Andriy Chirovsky

What Happened at Vatican II (1962-1965)? Why is it important for the Eastern Churches?
Dr. Catherine Clifford

The Jesus Prayer: Getting Centred and Gaining Peace
Fr. Lucien Coutu

All in the Family: Other Churches and Other Faiths
Fr. John Jillions

Orthodox Christian Responses to New Age “Spiritualities”
Fr. Maxym Lysack

Jesus and Muhammad: “Peace and Blessing Be Upon Them”?
Fr. Andrew Onuferko

Holiness Unites God’s People: Christian Formation in the Age of Relativism
Fr. Andrew Onuferko