Archimandrite Boniface Luykx

Archimandrite Boniface Luykx (1915-2004) taught THO 2306 Selected Topics in Eastern Christian Liturgy at Mount Tabor (Summer 1997 and 1998) and team taught THO 2306 Reform and Renewal in Byzantine Liturgy along with Fr. David Anderson and Fr. Damian Higgins at Mount Tabor (Summer 1999).

Alexander Baran

Rev. Prof. Alexander Baran (1926-2004) was a Ukrainian Catholic priest and professor emeritus from the University of Manitoba, who specialized in Byzantine and Ukrainian Church history, as well as in Hungarian and Slovak Greco-Catholicism. He taught THO 2138 Selected Topics in Eastern Christian History: The Union of Brest, 1596 (Winter 1996), and THO 6398 Inter-religious Issues (Fall 2001).

Robert Anderson

Very Rev. Archpriest Robert Anderson served as the first pastor of Ukrainian Greek Catholic parishes in Wilton, N.D. and Chatham Ontario; and from 1990 until his death in 2010, St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Kingston, Ontario.  He was a teacher for more than three decades in Catholic schools in the Bronx, Chatham and Ottawa.  He retired from teaching in 2004 but continued to dedicate his time and energy to his parish, and evangelization for the Eastern Church through the St. Irenaeus Mission Society.  He also served as spiritual director of the English Summer School of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine for the past six years. He taught THO 2131 General Introduction to the Eastern Churches (Fall 2009).

Prof. Viktor Zhukovskyy

Prof. Viktor Zhukovskyy is a professor of theology at Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. He taught THO 3326 Selected Topics in the Eastern Christian Doctrinal Tradition II – Soteriology: From Soteriology to Thesiology at our summer program in Univ, Ukraine (Summer 2011).

Rev. Prof. Gregory Zubacz

Rev. Prof. Gregory Zubacz has a doctorate in Canon Law from Saint Paul University. He is also a civil lawyer. He taught THO 2309 Selected Topics in the Eastern Christian Canonical TraditionMonastic and Religious Canons of the Eastern Code of Canon Law at the summer program in Orangeville (Summer 2003) and THO 2309 Selected Topics in the Eastern Christian Canonical Tradition: Marriage (Fall 2004).