Prof. Taras Tymo

Prof. Taras Tymo is a graduate of Ukrainian Catholic University and University of Notre Dame and has received an SThL. He taught THO 3325 Theology and Spirituality of Icons: Eastern Christian Theology of Icons – An Introduction at our summer program in Univ, Ukraine (Summer 2013).

Prof. John van den Hengel

Prof. John van den Hengel has a Ph.D. / S.T.D. from Katholieke Universiteit, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He is an emeritus professor in the Faculty of Theology at Saint Paul University and has taught one course at the Graduate level: THO 6310 Theological Hermeneutics (Winter 2008).

Rev. Dr. Roman Rytsar

Rev. Dr. Roman Rytsar is a priest of the Ukrainian Catholic Church and received his PhD from Saint Paul University (Eastern Christian Studies) in 2012. He taught THO 2137 Selected Topics in Eastern Christian Thought I: Metropolitan Anthony Bloom and Kenotic Theology (Summer 2012) and THO 6381 Contemporary Eastern Theology: 20th Century Orthodox Theology – The “Atheistic Christ” of Anthony Bloom (Metropolitan of Sourozh) and Kenotic Theology (Winter 2012).

Rev. Dr. Yuriy Sakvuk

Rev. Dr. Yuriy Sakvuk is a priest of the Archeparchy of Lviv and holds a doctorate in theology (Eastern Christian Studies) from Saint Paul University. He taught THO 2130 Foundations of Eastern Christian Theology at the Ukrainian Catholic University (Summer 2002) as well as THO 3316 Ecclesiology and East-West Ecumenism (Summer 2004).

Prof. Richard Schneider

Prof. Richard Schneider is an Orthodox layman and York University professor of Church History as well as the Past-President of the Canadian Council of Churches. He holds a M.Phil. from Columbia University. Prof. Schneider taught THO 2137 Eastern Christianity in North America: From Ethnic Enclaves to Enculturating Churches, in Orangeville (Summer 2002), THO 6352 Ecumenism and Eastern Christianity Medieval Church Art in East and West (Fall 2002), THO 6381 The Life and Theology of Georges Florovsky (Fall 2003), THO 2120 Introduction to the New Testament Fall 2004), THO 3303: The Seven Ecumenical Councils in Eastern Christian Tradition (Fall 2004), and THO 2133: Hermeneutics and Exegesis: Eastern Reading of the Old Testament (Winter 2005).