Eastern Christians in the New World: An Historical and Canonical Study of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada

David Motiuk (Author)


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by David Motiuk (Author)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Documents of the Apostolic See of Rome
Chapter 2 Documents of the Ukrainian Church
Chapter 3 Clerics: Ordination, Rights and Obligations
Chapter 4 Sacraments and Divine Worship
Appendix I Fidelibus ruthenis (1913)
Appendix II Graeci-rutheni ritus (1930)
Appendix III Norms of the Ruthenian-Catholic Church in Canada (1915)
Appendix IV First Provincial Synod of the Winnipeg Metropolia (1962)
Signatures of Ukrainian Catholic Bishops of Canada and all participating clergy

A canonical and historical overview of the development of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada, highlighting the growth of the first parish communities, the appointment of its first bishop and the establishment of the Metropolitan See of Winnipeg. The author examines relations with the Latin Church, various decrees of Bishop Nykyta Budka, Bishop Basil Ladyka, and the Ukrainian Catholic Conference in Canada.

The study treats clerics, divine worship and the administration of the sacraments — viewed in the context of the Ukrainian Church. A significant portion of the work collects into one volume the major sources of the Particular Law of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada. These sources are reproduced in their original languages (Latin and Ukrainian), together with English translations.

Language: English
Hardcover: xiv, 424 pages
Publisher: The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies (December 2005)
ISBN: 1-895937-14-0

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