God’s Martyr, History’s Witness: Blessed Nykyta Budka, the First Ukrainian Catholic Bishop of Canada

Athanasius D. McVay, Stella Hryniuk (Foreword)


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by Athanasius D. McVay, Stella Hryniuk (Foreword)

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Pastoral Care for Ukrainians in North America
Chapter 2 “The Need to Organize”
Chapter 3 The First World War
Chapter 4 The Post War Years
Chapter 5 Bishop Budka’s Resignation
Chapter 6 From Rome to Lviv
Chapter 7 Budka Returns to Western Ukraine
Chapter 8 Martyrdom for the Faith
Fig. 24 Original manuscript report to the Apostolic See in Latin, 1922
Fig. 32 Bishop Budka’s final pastoral letter to his Canadian flock, 12 November 1928
Fig. 36 Group of parishioners and Basilian Fathers with Bishop Budka, 1924
Fig. 38 Metropolitan Sheptytsky Bishops Budka and Buchko, Canon Josyf Slipyi, 25 June 1931
Fig. 43 Funeral procession of Metropolitan Sheptytsky, Lviv, Ukraine, 5 November 1944

Fr. Athanasius McVay, a Canadian Ukrainian Catholic who has spent years working in the Vatican archives, has just published his long-awaited biography of Bishop Nykyta Budka. The Sheptytsky Institute was pleased to be the co-publisher along with the Eparchy of Edmonton. The 614-page book is meticulously researched and illustrated with rare photographs. “With this publication, Fr. McVay has established himself as the premier historian of the modern Ukrainian Catholic Church,” said Fr. Peter Galadza, acting director of the Sheptytsky Institute. “We await many more publications from this outstanding scholar.”

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Language: English
Softcover: xxvi + 613 pp, illus, timeline, bibliography, index
Publisher: Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton, The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies (2014)
ISBN 978-0-9809309-1-7

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xxvi + 613 pp, illus, timeline, bibliography, index