Christian Social Ethics in Ukraine: The Legacy of Andrei Sheptytsky

Andrii Krawchuk (Author)


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by Andrii Krawchuk (Author)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – The Social Question in the Austrian Context (1988-1914)
Chapter 2 – New Challenges during and after World War I (1914-1923)
Chapter 3 – The Struggle for Justice within Poland (1923-1939)
Chapter 4 – Defending the Faith against Soviet Atheism (1939-1941)
Chapter 5 – The Sanctity of Life: Resistance to Nazi Rule (1941-1944)
A. Polemics concerning Sheptytsky’s Views during World War I
B. Sheptytsky’s Attitude to the Formation of the Division Galizien

A stimulating study of the legacy of a remarkable religious leader who left his distinctive mark on twentieth-century Christian thought. A Catholic who defended the rights of persecuted Orthodox Christians and who saved Jews during the Holocaust, Andrei Sheptytsky transcended his own Polish and Latin-rite background, devoting his life to upholding universal Christian ideals among the Eastern-rite Catholics of Ukraine. Exhaustively docu­mented, this is the first analysis of an inspiring moral response to delicate Ukrainian-Polish and Catholic-Orthodox issues, socialism and communism, church-state relations and the Nazi occupation.


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Language: English
Hardcover: xxiv, 404
Publisher: The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies, co-published with the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (1997)
ISBN: 1-895937-04-3

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