Strangers in a Strange Church? New Faces of Ukrainian Catholicism in Canada

Christopher Guly (Author)


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by Christopher Guly (Author)

Introduction by Fr. Peter Galadza

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“The book narrates the lives of seven individuals and one couple who have joined the UGCC in Canada in the last 25 years. None of them is of Ukrainian background, but they are among the best “Ukrainian” Catholics I’ve ever met. They’re all young and they are all passionate about living a Christian lifestyle. The combination of youth and commitment to Jesus Christ – according to an Eastern tradition that many Ukrainian Canadians themselves have jettisoned – is beguiling.” – Introduction

This is the story of nine souls who found a new home in an old place. It is also a call to Ukrainian Catholics everywhere to go beyond their ethnic hearths and testify to the power of the love song they sing every week to Christ the Saviour. The book is not just a story about the rebirth of faith for these individuals, but also a glorious tribute to how an Eastern Church is renewed by the love and lives of “outsiders.”

Watch the book launch for “Strangers in a Strange Church? New Faces of Ukrainian Catholicism in Canada,” at Saint Patrick’s Basilica, Ottawa, Canada, 23 January 2020:

Christopher Guly is an Ottawa-based journalist and member of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery. He was raised a Ukrainian Catholic in his hometown of Winnipeg.

Language: English
Softcover: 98 pages, illus.
Publisher: Novalis (September 2019)
ISBN: 9782896887477

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