The Ukrainian Canadians – A History, 2nd Edition

Michael H. Marunchak (Author)


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by Michael H. Marunchak (Author)

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Monumental upon its release, this second edition of Marunchak’s encyclopedic work closely follows the original edition, published in 1970, in format and tone. Part one examines the pioneer era beginning with the social and political factors in Ukrainian immigration to Canada, the geographic distribution of Ukrainian settlements in pioneer days. This includes a survey of the Canadian west at the end of the 19th century, welcoming new-comers, racial prejudice, homesteaders and labourers, religion, public school education, participation in municipal and political life and the first businessmen and professionals, literature of the pioneers, and cultural ties with Ukraine.

Part two examines the era of developmental processes including the creation of many Ukrainian Canadian organizations including, the Canadian Sitch Organization, Ukrainian Self-Reliance League, Ukrainian War Veterans Association-Ukrainian National Federation, Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood, Ukrainian Labour and Farmers’ Temple Association, Ukrainian Workers’ League (U.W.L.), The Ukrainian Labour Association, League of British Ukrainians, Women’s Organizations, Youth Organizations, cooperative movements and agricultural achievements.

Part three begins with an examination of Ukrainian efforts in the Second World War, activities of Ukrainian-Canadians in the immigration of displaced persons to Canada, the Ukrainian Canadian Relief Fund, the social structure of the third wave of immigration, church life, Ukrainian language in public schools and universities, Ukrainian contributions to Canadian radio, television, and film, scholars, poets and writers, creative artists, music, theatre, ballet and the creation of the Taras Shevchenko Foundation.

Part four examines a decade of multiculturalism in Canada.

This comprehensive volume includes a subject index, index of persona names, church, parishes, church organizations, lay organizations and co-operatives, schools, education (institutes, academies, etc.) including a bibliography to the First Edition and a bibliography to the Second Edition.

Language: English
Hardcover: vi, 970 pages, illus., maps, ports (note: this is a thick, heavy book)
Publisher: Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences (UVAN) Canada (1982)

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vi, 970 pages, illus., maps, ports (note: this is a thick, heavy book)