Studies in Eastern Christianity, Volume 4

Petro B. T. Bilaniuk (Author), Bishop Grace Isidore (Foreword)


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by Petro B. T. Bilaniuk (Author), Bishop Grace Isidore (Foreword)

Series Monographs No. 25

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Mystery of God The Father: Paternity and Basileosis
Chapter 2 The Ultimate Reality and Meaning in the Pre-Christian Religion of Eastern Slavs
Chapter 3 Search for Religious Identity by Eastern Slavs IX-XII Centuries
Chapter 4 The Ukrainian Catholic Church in the Light of Contemporary Ecclesiology
Chapter 5 Basilians
Chapter 6 Sheptytsky’s Theological Thought
Chapter 7 The Father of Modern Ecumenism: Patriarch Joseph Cardinal Slipyj (1892-1984) A Biblio-Biographical Sketch
Index of Biblical References
Index of Names

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Language: English
Softcover: xxvi, 175 pages, illus.
Publisher: The Ukrainian Free University (1989)
ISBN: 0920322247

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xxvi, 175 pages, illus.