The Quest for Orthodox Church Unity in America

Archimandrite Serafim (Author)


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A History of the Orthodox Church in North America in the Twentieth Century

by Archimandrite Serafim (Author)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Prologue (1794-1900)
Chapter 2 An Initial Unity – With a Vision (1900-1918)
Chapter 3 A Disunity Bordering on Chaos (1918-1943)
Chapter 4 A Semblance of Unity (1943-1960)
Chapter 5 A “Consultative” Unity (1960-1970)
Chapter 6 Autocephaly 1970
Chapter 7 A Survey of the History of Other Orthodox Communities in North America
Chapter 8 Epilogue
General Bibliography
Name Index

From the Introduction:

“A guiding principle, although not specifically stated in any document, which helped achieve agreement between the Patriarchate of Moscow and the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of North America was to forget the difficulties and misunderstandings of the past and rather to look to the promise of the future. This resulted in April 1970 in the establishment of the Autocephalous Church in America as the nucleus and the eventual unifying force for all Orthodox faithful in America, so essential if the Orthodox Church is to survive and grow in a pluralistic and secularistic society.”

Language: English
Softcover: 194 pages, appendices, index of names
Publisher: Saints Boris and Gleb Press (1973)

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194 pages, appendices, index of names